Scope of Activity

Al-Haya Medical Company has a highly motivated sales force and Marketing Department.  They are efficient to deal with customers in all regions.  The Company’s Customer Service Department, whose responsibility is to deal with customer enquiries on a day-to-day basis, further enhances communications.  It is also their duty to follow-up customer orders (internally) to facilitate good customer relationship.

Personnel employed in Sales and Marketing total 254 staff who are involved in private sales and sales to the government sector.

The Company’s activities are divided in five (5) main areas, namely:

1. Promotional Activities 

The promotional and scientific personnel in conjunction with the Company’s sales force perform this function.

They visit hospitals, private clinics, physicians, government institutions and private sector customers.

2.  Advertising and Sales Promotional Activities

The Company, in conjunction with the principal companies it represents, coordinate with them in advertising in scientific magazines, i.e. Modern Medicines, Arab Medico, The Practitioner, to name but a few.  This literature is circulated both locally and internationally.

The Company contributes approximately five (5%) percent of its total sales towards the cost of advertising and promotional activities.

Saudi Arabia’s rules and regulations prohibit the advertising of pharmaceuticals or medicines in non-medical media and on television.

Al-Haya takes advance of special opportunities for advertising its products such as World Health Organization Week and National Health Week (Saudi Arabia).  The Company also sponsors various medical symposia in hospitals throughout the Kingdom.

Non-pharmaceutical products represented by the Company are advertised in local and international newspapers, as well as on television.

Each manufacturing company has its Scientific Office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and branches in other regions, where there are a number of medical representatives who are in charge of promotional activities when visiting doctors in private clinics and hospitals.

3.  Sales Activities

The Company’s sales representatives are responsible for all sales in the private sector.  They make regular visits to private hospitals, pharmacies, and supermarkets to facilitate the collection of customer orders.  Sales outside of the private sector are dealt with separately.

The 95-person strong team is made up of highly trained pharmacists, veterinary doctors, and science majors.  A newly implemented system divides this team’s sales activities along with grouped supplier lines.

There is professional cooperation and communication between the suppliers’ scientific offices’ promotional teams and Al-Haya’s sales team.

4.  Government Sales

Government sales are divided into two areas: the Quotation Department consisting of 17 staff and the Tender Department.

The Quotation Department prepares the quotations for the hospitals and is responsible for following up the orders with hospitals’ purchasing departments.  The Department is presently dealing with 185 hospitals in six different regions.

5.  Tenders

The Company’s Tender Department is responsible for the preparation of all tender-related documentation under the personal supervision of the Managing Director.  There is a total of 14 staff in this department, of which 11 are field representatives whose function is to follow-up the order once it has been awarded to the Company and through to its actual delivery. 


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