Information Technology           
Al Haya medical had been implemented new Information system and also reconstructed infrastructure for all company to use highest modern technology since 1996 by using Client /Server architecture and Distributed Database system all over the Kingdom , total cost of system is 1 million US$ .

Al Haya use ten Servers Intel based loaded by WINDOWS 2000/2003 and RDBMS ORACLE 8.0.5  , about 250 PCs used all over company connected in LAN network with highest speed switches CISCO  and WAN through Frame-Relay ROUTERS .

Information system is fully financial integrated system developed by front end tool POWER BUILDER 4.0/6.0/7.0 ,

Once fully implemented at the end of 1998, the system will meet all of the Company’s needs for the foreseeable future.  It will improve the overall efficiency of the Company over the coming years

Al Haya have professional team in IT department, they have very strong knowledge in IT field and  well  reputed academically certified .

An extensive training program is being executed to ensure the proper implementation of this highly advanced system include large scale employees training by specialized company.

     Our Information system is Year 2000 compliance.


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