Logistics-Physical Distribution


The Company has a comprehensive distribution network throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  The distribution activities are as follows:

Import Section

The Company’s Import Section is responsible for clearing products from Customs, whether it is by air or seaport.  They are also responsible for Saudi Ministry of Health clearances.

The total number of staff employed in this section is 6, four of whom are field representatives.

Central Warehouse Storage

Once the Import Section has cleared the items, they are received at the Central Warehouse for checking, locating, and eventually, distribution to the customers.

Central Warehouses

Apart from the Branch Stores in each region, there are Central Warehouses in Riyadh and Jeddah.

The Riyadh Central Warehouse is located in Diraiyah and is divided into four areas – one area is utilized for pharmaceutical products and has a total storage capacity of 2,800 square meters.

The second is used to store medical supplies consumables and has a storage capacity of 2,000 square meters.

A third warehouse of 3,000 square meters facility is being built at a cost of SAR 3.5 Million, to store tender goods.

A fourth biggest warehouse of 4200 square meters is being built at a cost of SAR 6 Million,  to accommodate the current business growth and the future growth to be driven by the two new factories.

The Company founder owns the land and buildings.

All warehouses are provided with air-conditioning, fire and safety equipment, and the Central Warehouse also has a walk-in refrigerated area.

There is a direct security line installed to the Civil Defense Department should an emergency arise.

The Riyadh warehouse has three forklifts and eleven (11) hand-pallet forklifts.

Company policy dictates that we should keep maximum stock levels.  This applies to the regional branches and warehouses, thus, utilizing the storage space more efficiently.

Distribution Vehicles and Schedules

The current distribution fleet consists of 51 vehicles comprising small air-conditioned vans and refrigerated 3-ton, 5-ton, and 10-ton vehicles.  The larger trucks are used for transfer from general store to regional branch stores.